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“Bill a good start in reforming mental-health care”

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This July 2, 2015 article found on the Philly.com website talks about not only the benefits of Rep. Tim Murphy’s mental health bill, but also points out some weaknesses I feel are worth taking a serious look at that include housing, pregnancy care,  day care, homelessness, and trauma among others as areas to consider improving to further help people with serious mental illnesses.

“Young Adults with Mental Health Conditions: 7 Myths”



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This article appearing in Summer 2014 edition of SAMHSA News talks about the myths and facts of what happens when a child receiving mental health services turns 18 and is viewed by society as an adult.    This transition age is a challenging one not just for the individual, but for the parents and care takers of them who understand the realitiy of the individual’s situation and what their realistic abilities are compared to society’s expectations based on a chronological age.

“Counties gain more control of human services funds”

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This June 5, 2012 article on PennLive.com discusses the agreement reached between the county commissioners and the state with regards to the transfer of control over human service funding.  It also raises concern about community mental health funding getting redirected to other programs.

“We can’t allow continued cuts in Pa.’s mental health services”

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Beaver County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Beaver County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This is a letter dated March 21, 2012, written by Suzanne Vogel-Scibillia, M.D., Medical Director, Beaver County Psychiatric Services describing her take on what has happened with earlier budget cuts to mental health services and what is likely to happen if the budget cuts continue.

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