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“Mayview Patients One Year Later”

  I found the following article that includes a link to an audio broadcast offering an update on the status of those still at Mayview and also gives a sort of window into what is happening with those who are living in the community.  It was originally posted on WDUQ’s blog on April 17, 2009, but it answered a few questions I had regarding wondering how folks that were discharged from Mayview were doing and if the community had the supports in place these folks needed before they were discharged.  You can read the writeup below or follow this link to check it out for yourself and listen to the audio broadcast fo the segment. http://wduqnews.blogspot.com/2009/04/mayview-patients-one-year-later.html 

Mayview Patients One Year Later

Mayview State Hospital closed nearly a year ago, and former residents are living in the community. At one time the facility housed more than one thousand patients, but by the time it closed, there were just 250. In 2007 two of those patients died of unnatural causes, but the general consensus is that the vast majority are doing well and getting the services they need. Most of those services are being provided by small nonprofit organizations. Patients, service providers and doctors all seem to have their own take on the way the new system is working. You can hear some of those thoughts by listening to a longer version of the story.

A couple new links

I found a couple new links that I added to the Peer Specialis” page, and have included them in this post as well.  They are both blogs, but very interesting.  Enjoy!

The Peer Empowerment Blog

The Peer Specialist Today (Blog)

The last Night of the PMHCA Conference

  This is the last night of the PMHCA Conference, and while I’m exhausted, I’m also excited about the many things I’ve learned and experienced.  I won’t be posting anything after this until I get home tomorrow at the earliest … then again, I may need to crash for awhile after I get home and recouperrate.  I can tell by looking at my Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD), Tippy, that she’s as exhausted if not more so then I am.  So, I think she’s looking forward to returning home to our normal day to day schedule of sorts.

  Tonight is a formal dance where folks are encouraged o dress up and dance the night away on the final night of the Conference.  I didn’t dress up, but Tippy did, and once I get home, I’ll post the picture of her in her formalwear.  I can’t remember if the outfit I put on her is a bride’s dress, or if it’s an angel costume, but Tippy was dressed for the occassion until she walked out of her dress as we went down the hall, so I ended up taking it off her until we got to the lobby where I redressed her so that a couple folks who I have begun to develope a friendship with could see Tippy dressed up, but then I took it off her again so she wouldn’t walk out of it again.  A couple people took pictures of her, and I told a couple folks that didn’t get to see her, that I was going to be posting the picture of Tippy dressed up here on the blog, but I need to wait until I get home to edit the picture so it might be a day or so before it shows up here.

  Earlier, I attended a workshop on Communicating through the media.  It was a fascinating workshop, and I plan on working on some of the new skills I learned in the workshop in future posts.  My brain is too fried to remember what I learned right now so I decided it wasn’t a good post to use my readers as guinea pigs for my newly learned skills and ideas.  With any luck you may see some improvement in my blogging, but it’s hard to say for sure since as the old addage goes, you can’t teach old dogs new tricks …. it’s not an entirely true addage …. just one that in my tired mind seemed fitting somehow.

  This afternoon, we had the chance to hear the caucas reports from the various caucuses that met yesterday.  After the various reports were given, Joan Earny, the Deputy Secretary of Mental Health in Pennsylvania, spoke to the group that was there and told us someone asked her if she would be speaking today, and her response was, “No, I’m here to listen.”  She did speak in response to some of the comments, concerns, and thoughts that were brought up in the reports, she also opend the floor up for questions and allowed folks to ask anything we wanted to.  Of course she reserved the right to not answer them, but I felt that was a reasonable thing for her to do.  Many questions were asked about topics such as funding, Certified Peer Specialists and their role in both the present and future.  Other topics that were hit on included the bill that Joan Erney thought had passed today, but wasn’t sure, that would ban smoking in public places, and hospitals.  She was under the impression that bars that sold very little or no food might be exempt, but that restraunts with full menues would not be exempt.  Many other topics were covered, but I don’t recall all of them.

  For now, I’m signing off and ill post again sometime after I get home.


“Strengthening the Consumer Voice in Managed Care …”

I found an interesting article that contains a little of the history of Consumer Satisfaction Teams (CST) in Pennsylvania.  It is an older article, dated January 2002, but still offered some interesting information for those who might be interested in learning more about CST and C/FST in Pennsylvania.  It specifically talks about Philladelphia, PA and the closing of Philladelphia “Byberry” State Hospital and what the role of early CST was during that process.

Here’s the link to the article ….  http://psychservices.psychiatryonline.org/cgi/reprint/53/1/23.pdf

CST, Recovery Model and the integration with Evidence based Practices

  Here’s a link to another PDF file that pertains to the Consumer-driven movment that is taking hold in many places.  Like the previous PDF files, it is from NAMI Southwestern Pennsylvania, and it discusses Consumer/Family Satisfaction Teams (C/FST) and their role in molding a Recovery oriented Mental Health System.  It also discusses a program in Florida that I never heard of prior to reading this file, but it is a program where the consumers are alotted a certain amount of money to choose their own method of recovery and can be anything from health spas to rent payments, and I imagine anything that would be considered a healthy choise to aid in their recovery.  Both sections of the article were interesting, but I felt that since I had created a page about C/FST that this seemed like a fitting file to link to.

So, I’ll quit rambling and add the link ….

“Spending Money in All The Right Places:
New Directions in Consumer and Family Involvement”


  Rather then do another post, I decided to update this one since they kind of tie together.  This is another PDF file called, “Integrating Evidence-Based Practices and the Recovery Model” it discusses evidence based practices and how to integrate them with the Recovery model.  It’s quite exstensive, but worth reading.

Another New Page and a Side Note

  I actually added this one last night, but forgot to post that it was added, then today, I updated it and added more infor to it.  At any rate, the other new page I’ve created is called, “C/FST” this stands for “Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team” There are several links on the page including CSTAP, and the first CST in the country website, so there are a few things to check out there.

On a side note, I’ve got a meeting on January 10th to learn about possibly becoming a CST for my county.  I’m both nervous and excited.  I love gathering information, so I think this will be something I could potentially be good at.  I’ll probably post something about how the appointment went sometime Thursday evening, or Friday at the latest.

NAMI of Southwestern PA statement regarding Mayview

  NAMI of Southwestern Pennsylvania issued a statement regarding potential needs of Consumers being discharged from Mayview State Hospital.  The needs were identified by following Consumers previously discharged from Mayview by surveying them to find out what needs they had, and what might help them to better integrate into the communities they live in.  The surveys were done every six months by the Allegheny County Consumer Satisfaction Team.  NAMI of Southwestern PA offers recomendations based on the survey results.  The statement was dated September 10, 2007, so if I find anything more recent, I’ll post the update.


The statement is in PDF format, so if you don’t have the latest version of adobe Acrobat Reader, click the link below to get it for free


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