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“Green Pills, Red Pills, Pink Pills and Even a Baby Blue Pill”

Video Link

This video found posted on YouTube by Recoverytidbits is a nice intro to peer specialists.

A couple new links

I found a couple new links that I added to the Peer Specialis” page, and have included them in this post as well.  They are both blogs, but very interesting.  Enjoy!

The Peer Empowerment Blog

The Peer Specialist Today (Blog)

PAPSRS Welcomes Certified Peer Specialists

I found the following information that pertains to Certified Peer Specialists at the following website address …. http://www.mhrecovery.org/news/view.php?newsitem_id=110

They have other information pertaining to Peer Specialists as well, so it would be worth it for CPS to take a look at it.

PAPSRS congratulates the almost 700 individuals, who have completed training as Certified Peer Specialists. The PAPSRS Board of Directors wishes to invite and encourage these new and potential practitioners to become members of PAPSRS. The Board has unanimously agreed to subsidize first year membership dues.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation services have a tradition of peer support, and PAPSRS has participated in, and strongly supports the state’s efforts to provide initial training and to encourage employment of Peer Specialists. In addition, PAPSRS recognizes that these new workers will want and need the opportunity for continued training, skills and certification to continue their career development. We believe that membership in PAPSRS, and our national affiliate USPRA (United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association) will afford CPS’s this opportunity through discounted conference attendance, training, publications and preparation for certification as CPRP (Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner). Members also receive important public policy alerts and have access to networking with colleagues and potential employers.

If a CPS is not yet employed, they are eligible to be an Associate Member of PAPSRS/USPRA, the usual annual membership dues for an Associate Member is $30, HOWEVER, we will pay the first year dues for an Associate member.

If a CPS is employed, but their employer is not an Organizational member of PAPSRS/USPRA, the CPS is eligible to apply as an Individual Member, which would usually be $90 per year. HOWEVER, if a CPS wishes to join as an Individual Member, PAPSRS will pay half of your first year’s dues. You will pay $45, and PAPSRS will match your $45.

Here is what a CPS needs to do:
Get a USPRA/PAPSRS Membership Application form:
– print it from http://www.USPRA.org ………..or
– email PAPSRS at papsrs@comcast.net…or
– call PAPSRS at 1-888-490-0404
Complete the Membership Application and send it to PAPSRS :
– Mail your Application to: PAPSRS, P.O. Box 8071, Philadelphia, PA 19101
– In order to be eligible for financial help from PAPSRS, do not complete your application on-line, or send it directly to USPRA
– If you are applying for an Individual Membership, your application must include your payment of $45.

PAPSRS will process your application promptly and you will receive notification of your membership in BOTH your state association (PAPSRS) and your national association (USPRA).

We think PAPSRS is a natural fit for Certified Peer Specialists and can provide excellent opportunities for future professional growth.

Posted on March 7, 2008 8:42 PM

“Paving New Ground – Peers Working In In-Patient Settings”

The National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD) has released a new technical support guidebook on peer roles in mental health settings.  the PDF file is 110 pages, but from what little I’ve read of it it seems to be packed full of information about peers woring in mental health facilities alongside of professionals as an extra added support to the consumer.

“NASMHPD’s Office of Technical Assistance is pleased to annouce Ms. Bluebird’s new landmark technical report entitled “Paving New Ground – Peers Working In In-Patient Settings“, which details the development of peer roles in mental health settings. If you would like to order a copy of the accompanying DVD, “Paving New Ground: A Dialogue With Peers and Family Members”, please e-mail OTAinfo@nasmhpd.org. This DVD was made at Mayview State Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a group of recognized peers and a family member who talk about their experiences working in inpatient facilities and/or advocating for the reduction of seclusion and restraint. “

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