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“Federal suit says state provides inadequate mental health care”

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This December 1, 2015 article by Joe Smydo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette talks about a federal lawsuit being filed by the Disability Rights Network against the Pennsylvania Dept. of Human Services citing inadequate mental health care as the reason for the suit.  Warren State Hospital, Torrance State Hospital and Mifflin County Jail are where the 3 people the suit focuses on are located.

“Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Seeks to Refurbish Mental Health Care”

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This January 21, 2015 Correctional News  article talks about more of the details of the changes being made in the Pennsylvania correctional system about the ways that mentally ill inmates are treated while they are incarcerated in Pennsylvania.  The Department of Corrections will be working closely with the PA Disability Rights Network to make sure that the changes being made are positive changes.

“Lawsuit seeks to halt Pa. welfare cuts at the pass”

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This article dated March 16, 2012 and on Pennlive.com talks about the lawsuit recently filed by the Disability Rights Network citing the Federal Mental Health and Intellectual Disability act of 1966 and indicating that Corbett’s budget would be in violation of this act.

Testimony: Coalition for the Responsible Closure of Mayview State Hospital

The following link will allow you to read testimony from the Coalition for the Responsible Closure of Mayview State Hospital, on April 3, 2008 before the Senate Democratic Policy Committee, at the Pittsburgh City Council Chambers, Pittsburgh, PA.  The testimony was presented by Carol Horowitz, Managing Attorney, Pittsburgh Disability Rights Network of PA, on behalf of the coalition.


This testimony pertains to the closure of Mayview and the impact it has on the communities served by Mayview along with information about safety nets that have been put in place to ensure that Consumers don’t fall through crack once they are discharged into the community.

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