“Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program Applications Being Accepted”

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This November 8, 2014 Levittown Now article offers information about the Pennsylvania LIHEAP program and includes links to information about where to apply.

“PA welfare department gets a new name”

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This September 24, 2014 WFMZ-TV News segment talks about a new law signed by Governor Corbett that officially changes the name of the Department of Public Welfare to be the Department of Human Services.  The name is felt to better encompass what the agency does or provides.


WFMZ-TV (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Patient drop at Clarks Summit triggers hearing”

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This March 3, 2014 The Times-Tribune article talks about a decision to decrease the number of beds at Clark’s Summit State Hospital by 15 beds, due to a decrease in census at the state hospital which has been the result of the increase in community based services for those with mental illnesses.

Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania

Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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