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“Franklin County human services clients feel pinch of transition”

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This undated article on the  publicopiniononline.com website talks about changes in Franklin county where a shift from county run services to privatized services is occurring.

“Homeless in Franklin County: Circumstances limit choices”


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This August 4, 2012 article found on the Public Opinion website out of Chambersburg, PA, talks about homelessness in Franklin county.  The article includes stories from people who are homeless, and what caused them to become homeless.


Chambersburg is the county seat and largest mu...

Chambersburg is the county seat and largest municipality in Franklin County. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“Task Force: Mental Health Program Not Ready to Become Nonprofit”

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This article dated March 2,  2012 found on the PennLive.com website, discusses the issues surrounding the possible privatization of mental health and intellectual disability services in Franklin and Fulton County

“Families get vocal about plans to hand over human service programs to non-profit agency “

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This article found on the PublicOpinionOnline.com website talks about the concerns being expressed by family members in Franklin county and Fulton county about the privatization of services there.

“Report Due Out Thursday on Franklin and Fulton Counties’ Mental Health Program Transition Plan”

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Fulton County

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This article found on PennLive.com and dated February 28, 2012 talks about concerns raised by various groups on the privatizing of mental health and intellectual disability services in Franklin County, PA and Fulton County, PA

“$1.3 Million Cut in State Funding to Franklin County Human Services Much Deeper than Expected”

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Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Franklin County

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This article found on the PennLive.com website dated February 17, 2012 talks about the impact of the proposed budget on Franklin County, PA whose Commissioners have approached Fulton County Commissioners and proposed to joinder with them, but before a joinder can be formed, Fulton County must also agree to it.

“Task force to work on shifting Franklin, Fulton counties’ mental health services agency to separate nonprofit entity”

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This article found on the PublicOpinion.com website talks about developments on the privatization of Mental Health Services in Franklin and Fulton Counties, both in Pennsylvania

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