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“Consumers, service providers to have public meetings on privatizing county mental health”

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This article found on the Chambersburg, PA,  PublicOpinion.com website with no date readily visible, indicates that two back to back meetings will be occurring in Franklin and Fulton Counties one will be for Professionals, while the other is for Consumers both will be to discuss the proposal to privatize mental health services in Franklin and Fulton counties.  The meetings are slated to be held on February 10

“Draft of transition plan for county mental health services to ‘go private’ will be out in a month”


Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Fulton County

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This article dated January 25, 2012 and located on the PublicOpinionOnline.com website talks about a move to privatize mental health services in Franklin County and Fulton County, both in Pennsylvania.

. The county would still be involved with service from an oversight position to ensure that services are provided as they should be, but a private organization will be formed to actually provide the services.

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