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“Obama hosts event to reduce mental health stigma”

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This June 3, 2013 article on the Philly.com website talks about an event held by President Obama to attempt to combat the stigma surrounding mental illness.


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English: Tom Hanks as the title character on t...

English: Tom Hanks as the title character on the film set of Forrest Gump. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This September 24, 2012 article found on the One Mind for Research website talks about the efforts being made by Tom Hanks, Sally Field and Glenn Close to help folks with mental illnesses.

“Glenn Close: Battling the stigma of mental illness”

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This June 4, 2012 article on The Globe and Mail website talks about Glenn Close’s battle against the stigma surrounding mental illness.  The article includes the actress’ views on a role she played in the movie “Fatal Attraction”.

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