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“Down in polls, Corbett has limited options with Pa. budget, pension return”

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This July 6, 2014 article talks about the options that Governor Corbett has before him with regards to the Pennsylvania State Budget since he opted to withhold his signature and not sign it into law.

English: Tom Corbett at the McCain rally at th...

English: Tom Corbett at the McCain rally at the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Here’s why Gov. Corbett should expand Medicaid in Pennsylvania”


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This July 20, 2012 article found on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website, talks about reasons why Gov. Corbett should expand Medicaid in Pennsylvania.  Some reasons listed in the article include things like it would help prevent the spread of infections disease, because people would be more likely to get medical care if they had insurance.


“Bob Fisher Wants to #KeepPAGA “

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This video was uploaded May 9, 2012 to YouTube by LuthernAdvocacyPA and is a request to Governor Corbett to not cut the General Assistance Program

“Proposed state budget cuts would hit home: Corbett plan to cut funding for human services by 20% deemed ‘unprecedented.'”

Counties comprising the Lehigh Valley region o...

Counties comprising the Lehigh Valley region of eastern Pennsylvania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This article found on The Morning Call website on April 20, 2012 talks about the impact of Corbett’s proposed budget cuts and what it could mean not only for specific programs in the Lehigh Valley, but also what a loss of these vital programs would mean to those who rely on those services.  There is also comments discussing the concerns of those at the county level who will be faced with having to figure out what to or not to cut and the feeling that they are left doing Corbett’s dirty work so to speak if his proposed budget is approved.

This is a lengthy article, but it has a lot packed into it and hits on many different perspectives.  It should be noted that while this article is specific to Allentown area, the concerns raised seem to be echoing across the entire Commonwealth.

“Three videos of mental health patients telling their stories”

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The videos on this page dated April 13, 2012 talk about the concerns and fears shared not only by the people in the videos, but also by many others who like them will be affected by Gov . Corbett’s proposed mental health budget cuts.

One person is someone I count among my friends, I raise my hat to Joe for his courage in taking part in the video project.  I also commend the other people as well because it takes courage to stand up and say this is what will happen to my life and the lives of others.  Thank you to all three of them for their courage.

“Inquirer Editorial: Medicaid needs a timeout”

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This article published on Philly.com on December 2, 2011 discusses the recent cuts in Medicaid benefits driven by Gov. Tom Corbett

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