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“Pa. Medicaid expansion switch to be done by September”

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This March 5, 2015 The Inquirer article found on the Philly.com website talks about the hope that Medicaid Expansion in Pennsylvania using the Federal expansion plan will be completed in September of this year.  This will be a multiphase process with the expectation that phase one will be completed in April.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (Me...

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (Medicaid administrator) logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Here’s why Gov. Wolf’s Medicaid expansion is a win for behavioral health services: Richard Edley”

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This February 23, 2015 Penn Live Op Ed article talks about what is hoped to be an improvement as Gov. Wolf transitions Pennsylvanians from HealthyPA to a more streamline traditional Medicaid program.

“Pennsylvania will be looking for more cash”

English: A photograph from Harleysville, Penns...

English: A photograph from Harleysville, Pennsylvania on 14 January 2005 of an amazing sunset. Photograph by Andrew Crouthamel. Français : Coucher de soleil à Harleysville, en Pennsylvanie. Photo prise le 14 janvier 2005 par Andrew Crouthamel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This January 1, 2015 Courier Times article talks about predictions being made with regards to what may be seen with the next PA state budget as Tom Wolf prepares to take office as Governor on January 20, 2015.

“A ‘different kind’ of Pa. gov, Wolf pays his way”

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This December 13, 2014 article from The Intelligencer, talks about the ways that Governor-Elect Tom Wolf is paying his way and putting limits on gifts for him and his staff.

“Tension over healthcare between Corbett and Wolf”

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This November 22, 2014 The Sentinel article on CumberLink.com talks about the growing tension between Governor Corbett and Governor Tom Wolf as they battle over Medicaid expansion in Pennsylvania.

I have to wonder what kind of impact this power struggle will have on the people who would benefit from Medicaid as the political powerhouses duke it out on Capitol Hill

“Former Pa. Welfare Secretary Estelle Richman tapped to lead Gov.-elect Tom Wolf’s Medicaid expansion pursuit during transition”

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This November 21, 2014  The Patriot-News article talks about Estelle Richman’s new role in advising Governor elect Tom Wolf on Medicaid as part of his transitional team.

“An open letter to Governor-Elect Tom Wolf: A ‘fresh start’ on health care starts with rejecting Corbett’s Healthy PA plan”

SVG of Pennsylvania state seal

SVG of Pennsylvania state seal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This November 5, 2014 Open Letter to Governor Wolf from Antoinette Kraus, Director of the Pennsylvania Health Access Network, talks about the need to ditch Corbett’s Medicaid plan and go with a traditional Medicaid expansion to ensure that Pennsylvanians who are eligible for Medicaid either get into the program or are able to keep their coverage if they are already in the program.

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