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“Westmoreland celebrates Americans with Disabilities Act’s anniversary”

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This July 26, 2014 TribLive News article talks about celebrations held in Westmoreland County, PA at their county courthouse to celebrate the 24th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which is an act that in the disability community is compareable to the civil rights act that added protections for race and ethnicity.  the ADA offers protections against the abuse or neglect of people with disabilities in addition to setting standards for things like accessibility of public places and work place accommodations.

This is the internationally recognized symbol ...

This is the internationally recognized symbol for accessibility (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Healthy PA: Wrong proposal for people with disabilities (column)”

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This January 31, 2014 Letter to the editor on the York Daily Review website talks about the effect of the current Medicaid proposal.


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“Three Things People Don’t Know About Disability”

English: A collection of pictograms. Three of ...

English: A collection of pictograms. Three of them used by the United States National Park Service. A package containing those three and all NPS symbols is available at the Open Icon Library (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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This November 19, 2013 blog post found on the Healthy Place website talks about three things that people are likely to not be aware of when it comes to receiving Disability, and odds are won’t think about unless they or someone they know is in a place where they need to apply for disability.  The exception being people who work with the disabled providing care or other services to them and other similar people.


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