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“Obamacare exchange opens Nov. 15 — what do you need to know?”

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This November 2014, Patriot News article from PennLive is found on the InsuranceNews.Net website and offers a few FAQ’s about Obama care including who is elgible where to search and other related topics.  The article is out of Harrisburg, PA and mentions PMHCA.

“Disability, mental health providers rally in Harrisburg for more funding”

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This June 17, 2014 WGAL 8 NBC News article talks about a rally held in Harrisburg by members of the disability and mental health communities of Pennsylvania in trying to prevent funding from being further cut in the coming Pennsylvania state budget.


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“Mental health center to open in Harrisburg”

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This February 17, 2014 witf article talks about a new center opening in Harrisburg



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to help those who are bullied or suicidal and to also work to prevent bullying


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“New standards of care implemented for mentally ill at Retreat State Hospital”

Main Entrance of Warren State Hospital in North Warren, PA

Main Entrance of Warren State Hospital in North Warren, PA


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This January 6, 2013 article on the citizenvoice.com website talks about the history of some of the state hospitals in Pennsylvania.  The focus is on facilities in Philly and Harrisburg, but other Pennsylvania facilities are mentioned as well.

“Voter ID law: 9% of Pennsylvania voters don’t have state photo card, officials say”

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This July 5, 2012 article on Pennlive.com talks about the issue of not every qualified voter in Pennsylvania being in possession of proper photo ID to enable them to vote and have their vote count in the November election.

DIA Rally in Harrisburg Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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I received the following information about a rally to be held on Wednesday February 29 at the State Capital in Harrisburg.  If you are in the area or are able to travel to get there, please consider showing your support and take part in this rally.

—————- Email information I received below ——————-

  • Time to rally! People with physical disabilities, mental health needs, intellectual disabilities, people who are poor due to life’s circumstances and other caring people all need to come together to tell legislators, the Governor and the public that budget cuts for people with disabilities and people living in poverty are not acceptable.

State Rally at the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

11:00 am until 4:00 pm

State Rally at the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg and march to Governor’s residence to follow!Join PA ADAPT, Disabled In Action of PA, and the entire disability community and help us tell Governor Corbett to:



STOP restricting eligible Consumers from services and creating waiting lists

STOP creating fraud where none exists and using it as an excuse to institutionalize the Disabled Community

KEEP Pennsylvanians employed and stop the massive layoffs
Sponsored by Disabled In Action of PA
Organizers call (215) 627-7255

“Living on $60 is no joke!”

  I recieved another link to a video relating to the “Personal Needs Allowance” for folks on SSI in personal care/boarding homes in Pennsylvania.  This video is of the actual rally held on the Rotunda of the Capital building in Harrisburg, PA.  For those who don’t understand the quote I used as the title of this post, you will if you watch the video.


You will need Windows Media Player or other software capable of viewing *.wmv video files.

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