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MHA Take Action on HB1448

I received the following by email through PMHCA, but it was sent through them by MHA.

During the week of May 5, 2008, HB 1448 will be brought to the floor of the PA House for a vote. If the current version of HB 1448 passes, the community mental health system will be the beneficiary when a state owned mental health facility is sold or leased. The bill requires the reinvestment of proceeds into one-time costs related to housing options and services that support independent living. In addition to having bi-partisan support in the General Assembly, HB 1448 is supported by the entire mental health community and the Rendell administration. The links included in the message from MHA will take you to more information, or to a site to find your state reps depending on which one you click on.


Unfortunately, HB 1448 is at risk. Representative Kathy Rapp plans on introducing an amendment that would impose a moratorium on the closure or population reduction of state mental health and mental retardation facilities, pending a study to determine the prevalence of serious mental illness and substance abuse in the inmate population of state correctional institutions and county jails.


Please contact your House representative and urge his/her vote in support of HB 1448 without amendment. Not only would this amendment disrupt the current process at Mayview State Hospital, it would also extend the moratorium to reducing the census at state hospitals across the Commonwealth, which means that many people who can thrive in the community would not be given that chance. For additional talking points on why this amendment should be defeated, click here.

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