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“Millions of Disabled and Poor Americans Encounter Discrimination When They Face Mental or Addictive Disorders, Says NAPHS”

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This March 26, 2014 InsuranceNewsNet.com article talks about the obstacles face by disabled people on Medicaid if they try to seek help for mental health issues.

Institute of Mental Health 8, Nov 06

Institute of Mental Health 8, Nov 06 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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“Mental Health America Faults Rep. Tim Murphy’s Legislation forJeopardizing Role for Consumers and Their Recovery”

Rep. Tim Murphy (PA)

Rep. Tim Murphy (PA) (Photo credit: House GOP)


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This December 12, 2013 press release from Mental Health America (MHA) voices their concerns about the bill being proposed by Rep. Tim Murphy.








“Mental Health Advocates Blast Rep. Tim Murphy’s Bill as a Costly Step Backward, to the Days When a Mental Illness Diagnosis Was a Life Sentence”

U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Penn., Joined AFGE Loc...

U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Penn., Joined AFGE Local 332 Members At a Recent Union Event (Photo credit: AFGE)


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This December 12, 2013 article on the PR Newswire website discusses a bill being proposed by Representative Tim Murphy and is disguised as “mental health reform”  the reality of the bill seems to be that it is a step backwards.



Pennsylvania Resource

I found a PA Health and Huamn Services Resource Guide in PDF format that I thought might be helpful to folks.  Here’s a link to a place you can view and/or download the file … https://share.acrobat.com/adc/document.do?docid=afc2b78a-407b-4745-8111-df9c8a7c65b7

the guide covers all sorts of things from Arthritis to Autism to Public Welfare to School Lunches … there’s a lot packed into this file I think it’s only a 16 page file, but worth having a copy of to give folks some starting points if they need help.

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