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“County signs onto homeless shelter grant efforts”

Clinton County Courthouse IMG_8703

Clinton County Courthouse IMG_8703 (Photo credit: OZinOH)

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This June 27, 2013 article found on The Express news site talks about programs for the homeless or those at risk of becoming homeless in Clinton County, PA

*Note this was edited because I realized I had the date wrong for the date of the article’s publication … original post had it on June 28, 2013, but it should have been June 27, 2013 which is what is now seen within the post.*

“Tour shows what it is like to be a homeless person in Cumberland County”

Cumberland County Courthouse (1846)

Cumberland County Courthouse (1846) (Photo credit: origamidon)


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This April 28, 2013 article on the cumberlink.com website for The Sentinel is about a recent tour of services that are for helping homeless people.  The tour was for giving Legislative delegates and Officials a better idea of what it is like to be homeless in Cumberland County.








“County unveils new one-stop Human Services Department and director”


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This December 13, 2012 article on PhillyBurbs.com talks about an effort being made to streamline services for homeless folks by having them go through a triage process when they walk in the door to make sure that all their needs are being met and to decrease the random bouncing folks have had to do from agency to agency to try to get needs met.


“Luzerne County homeless shelter celebrates decade of service”

A homeless woman sitting at a monument in Wash...

A homeless woman sitting at a monument in Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This November 1, 2012 article talks about the services provided to homeless women by Ruth’s Place which is celebrating 10 years of service.

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