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“Mentally ill inmates overwhelm PA jails”

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This April 11, 2017 segment of Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane talks about mental health services for those with mental illnesses who have been incarcerated in Pennsylvania.

“In this hour, Marty talks with FRED OSHER, director of health systems and services policy at the Council of State Governments Justice Center about Stepping Up and its objectives. JOHN WETZEL, Pennsylvania Secretary of Corrections, joins the discussion to address the potential impact of this plan on PA state prisons. BRUCE HERDMAN, chief medical director for the Philadelphia Department of Prisons, discusses the care needed for these inmates”[1]

“Their View: End the criminalization of mental illness”

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This article on the Centre Daily Times website talks about the criminalization of mental illness and what happens to those who are mentally ill and are incarcerated.

“United States: Force Against Prisoners With Mental Illness”

English: Human Rights Watch logo Русский: Лого...

English: Human Rights Watch logo Русский: Логотип Хьюман Райтс Вотч (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This May 12, 2015 article on the Human Rights Watch website talks about the abuse of power often used in handling mentally ill inmate that leads to injuries and even death because of what amounts to minor infractions of the rules or orders given to them.  One example in the article is about a woman who was not given her medication while she was incarcerated and at one point refused to change her jumpsuit and ended up being tasered multiple times within a matter of a few short minutes.

“US jails struggle with role as makeshift asylums”

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This July 14, 2014 ydr.com article talks about the problems being faced by jails and prisons across the country as they try to figure out how to deal with the sharp increase in the number of seriously mentally ill inmates that are incarcerated primarily due to non-violent crimes.

English: Concertina razor wire at a prison

English: Concertina razor wire at a prison (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Prisons hold 10 times as many mentally ill people compared to state hospitals”

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This April 10, 2014 NewsWorks article talks about the shift that has occurred in where the mentally ill are being warehoused.

NEWSWORKS | Documentary filmmaker brings priso...

NEWSWORKS | Documentary filmmaker brings prison portraiture to Eastern State Penitentiary | by Peter Crimmins (Photo credit: The New Insiders | Dave Adler)

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“Prison advocates: Pa. failing the mentally ill”

Solitary confinement

Solitary confinement (Photo credit: Chris.Gray)


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This April 28, 2013 article on The Harold, in Sharon, PA, talks about the lawsuit being made about the use of solitary confinement and mentally ill prisoners.


Inmates with mental health problems challenge court system – Timesonline.com: Police Fire Courts: mental health, john hinckley jr, prison,

Inmates with mental health problems challenge court system

This article was found in the Beaver County Times and discuses some of the issues faced by prisons with regards to folks with mental illnesses who are incarcerated.  The article was posted on April 2, 2011.  Some feel there is a connection between the increase in the number of mentally ill inmates and the closure of various state hospitals.

“Inmates with mental-health problems focus of conference”


This article found in the Lebenon Daily Post discusses a recent workshop where efforts were made to identify problems with regards to mentall ill inmates, and to brainstorm ideas on how this population can be better treated

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