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“Medication Cost-Cutting Plans Burden Patients And Clinicians”

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This February 27, 2015 InsuranceNews.net article talks about various cost-cutting plans for medications and the burdens being placed on patients and clinicians as a result of these plans.

“60 Minutes: Denied”

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This December 14, 2014 60 Minutes segment talks about the problems occurring when insurance companies deny people with mental health issues services.

60 Minutes

60 Minutes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Tension over healthcare between Corbett and Wolf”

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This November 22, 2014 The Sentinel article on CumberLink.com talks about the growing tension between Governor Corbett and Governor Tom Wolf as they battle over Medicaid expansion in Pennsylvania.

I have to wonder what kind of impact this power struggle will have on the people who would benefit from Medicaid as the political powerhouses duke it out on Capitol Hill

“Thousands of Pennsylvania women could lose some health coverage”

SVG of Pennsylvania state seal

SVG of Pennsylvania state seal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This October 24, 2014 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article talks about a change to Pennsylvania’s Medicaid program that will affect about 90,000 women.  The article includes details about what women can do to  make sure they continue to receive coverage for female health needs.

“Mental Health Now Covered Under ACA, but Not for Everyone”

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This April 29, 2014 USNews article talks about the problems being experienced by people with mental illnesses seeking insurance coverage while states, the federal government and insurance companies grapple over details about coverage of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obama care).  Those who have gotten coverage are facing issues with regards to shortages of mental health professionals to meet the increased demand on existing

English: President Barack Obama's signature on...

English: President Barack Obama’s signature on the health insurance reform bill at the White House, March 23, 2010. The President signed the bill with 22 different pens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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“Don’t Count On Travel Insurance To Cover Mental Health”


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This May 2, 2014 article on the WDIY 88.1 website talks about travelers insurance not covering mental health emergencies in their coverage, it seems that physical health is generally the only thing covered and that pregnancy and job loss are 2 things also commonly not covered.


WDIY (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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“Nearly 4 Million Seriously Mentally Ill Are Still Without Insurance”

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This April 8, 2014 InsuranceNews.net article talks about the consequences being faced by people with mental health issues in states that refused to accept the federal Medicaid expansion.

ADAPT Medicaid Rally

ADAPT Medicaid Rally (Photo credit: SEIU International)

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“Critics rap Pa. on medical rides”

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This April 6, 2014 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article talks about concerns being raised about people who would typically qualify for Medicaid being enrolled in private insurance who may lose the ability to make it to needed appointments due to a lack of transportation.

English: Coat of arms of the city of Pittsburg...

English: Coat of arms of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania On a field Sable, a fess chequy Argent et Azure, between three bezants bearing eagles rising with wings displayed and inverted Or. For crest, Sable a triple-towered castle masoned Argent. Category:Images of Pittsburgh Category:Official seals of places in Pennsylvania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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“New federal laws benefit mental health patients”

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This November 24, 2013 article found on the GoErie.com website talks about some of the hopes surrounding the changes found in the Affordable Healthcare act for folks with mental illnesses.

“Consortium of PA Mental Health Organizations Launches Health Insurance Marketplace Navigator Program to Help People with Mental Health Service Needs Enroll in Health Insurance Marketplace”

Overhead, Monday, October 14, 2013

Overhead, Monday, October 14, 2013 (Photo credit: erikorama)


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This October 14, 2013 article found on the PR NewsWire website talks about Health Insurance Navigators setup to reach out to those in the mental health community in Pennsylvania


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