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“County to offer a financial helping hand to some group home residents”


English: Coat of arms of the city of Pittsburg...

English: Coat of arms of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania On a field Sable, a fess chequy Argent et Azure, between three bezants bearing eagles rising with wings displayed and inverted Or. For crest, Sable a triple-towered castle masoned Argent. Category:Images of Pittsburgh Category:Official seals of places in Pennsylvania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This August 25, 2014 article on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website talks about a program that is nearing the point of being implemented that County Officials hope will allow people with mental illnesses or intellectual disabilities to afford stable housing that would allow them to live independently as opposed to living in a more expensive group home setting.

“An Oasis for the challenged”

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This November 3, 2013 HealthDay article found on the Philly.com website talks about a program that teaches art and life skills to people with intellectual or mental health disabilities

“Lancaster County office is renamed”

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Lancaster County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Lancaster County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This January 2, 2013 article on the Lancaster Online website talks about the recent name change for the former Lancaster County Office of Mental Health/Mental Retardation/Early Intervention which has recently changed its name to the  Lancaster County Behavioral Health/Developmental Services.  to reflect the 2011 change in language used in state law.

“Bollinger Enterprises, Inc. (BEi) celebrates 40th year”

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This November 6, 2012 article found on the Warren Times Observer website, talks about the 40th Anniversary of Bollinger Enterprises, Inc. in North Warren, PA.


“Agency’s name change is celebrated”

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This August 12, 2012 found on The Dallas Post website, talks about the name change of Luzerne-Wyoming Counties Mental Health/Mental Retardation Program to Luzerne-Wyoming Counties Mental Health and Developmental Services.  This change is in response to the Federal legislation removing “retardation” from the language used by the Federal government.  Gov. Corbett followed suit by signing HB458 into law here in Pennsylvania which removes “Mental Retardation” from the MH/MR act of 1966.

“Lawsuit seeks to halt Pa. welfare cuts at the pass”

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This article dated March 16, 2012 and on Pennlive.com talks about the lawsuit recently filed by the Disability Rights Network citing the Federal Mental Health and Intellectual Disability act of 1966 and indicating that Corbett’s budget would be in violation of this act.

“Disabilities advocates file lawsuit”

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This article dated March 15, 2010 and found on the Philly.com website, talks about a lawsuit recently filed by disability advocates in response to the block grants and 20% funding cut to mental health and intellectual disability services.

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