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“Pennsylvania Mental Health Laws and Regulations: relevant excerpts for emergency physicians”


The above link is to a PDF file I found linked in my google alerts, I’m not sure about who posted it or if it is something that is legitimately posted online, but I thought it was interesting to say the least and something that might be of interest to some of my readers.   The file includes a date of January 4, 2004, which I’m assuming that it means the information was current at that time.  So, I’m not claiming it is completely current, but within the realm of my limited knowledge about the 302 process, it seems like it would be something that could be a starting point for someone who has an interest in learning more about the PA 302 laws.

Based on the web address, I suspect it is hosted on a University of Pittsburgh server, so if someone spots this post and knows anything about whether or not it’s ok for me to post this, could you please let me know.  In the event that I accessed a link I shouldn’t have, I will gladly remove the post.   This link seemed to be hitting in a grey area in terms of my accessing it, so I want to be sure I’m not stepping on any toes by sharing it.  I simply felt the file would be of interest here and as I said if there is a problem with me accessing it, I will be more then happy to remove the post if there is a problem.

I know Google sometimes picks up on links that may not have been intended for the public which is part of my caution with this particular link.

If you don’t have the software to view PDF files, you can get free software from either of these two links ….

Adobe Acrobat reader – http://get.adobe.com/reader/?promoid=BUIGO

Nitro Reader – http://www.nitroreader.com/    (Nitro Reader also allows you to create PDF files from other documents and has some nice features like the ability to highlight text and add your own notes to a file, which is something I find helpful sometimes)

Both programs are available for free.

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