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“Business brings mental health recovery to fore”

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This November 10, 2012 article on the PennLive.com website talks about a business whose aim is to promote recovery from mental illness.  The business is called Support the Journey and has an online presence at http://supportthejourney.com

I have met Shelley Bishop, and am VERY pleased to share this article with my readers, Shelley is one of the folks who has been an inspiration in the mental health community here in Pennsylvania for many years, in fact I was very familiar with her name long before I ever met her, which in this case is an awesome thing.  I tip my “I’m The Evidence” ball cap to Shelley and everyone else who is involved with Support the Journey


“Dr. Mark Salerno Is Living Proof That It’s Possible to Overcome Mental Illness”


Rethink Mental Illness

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This article found on the Phoenix News website on December 22, 2011, isn’t specific to Pennsylvania, but it is a story of recovery from mental illness by Dr. Mark Salerno, and some events of his story did take place in Pennsylvania, so there is a slight connection to here, but I mostly felt it was a really good article conveying hope, and offering encouragement.  Recovery doesn’t have an ending, but is a continuous journey this man’s journey is one that demonstrates that mental illness knows no boundaries when it comes to education or profession, but also demonstrates it is possible to reach beyond the struggles and be more than a diagnosis.

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