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“The Medical Minute: The Causes and Signs of Depression in Children”

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This May 9, 2015 Gant Daily article talks about symptoms of depression and anxiety in kids and ways to respond to them and when to get professional help.

“The Ultimate Sacrifice”

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This Breaking Ground segment was found on December 29, 2014 and talks about something most of us don’t even think about …. the question of what do Military Kids go through while their Military Parent is deployed or the family has to move because of orders received by the parent to report for duty at a different place?¬† It’s worth reading, and offered some insight for me into a world I know little about.

“What can I do if my child is teased during physical activity?”

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This February 26, 2014 Health D


English: Poor little birdie teased

English: Poor little birdie teased (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


ay article found on the Philly.com website talks about not only the effect of teasing on kids during physical activity, but also offers some tips to parents  if their child is being teased.


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“A doctor’s prescription for kids: Bring back the lazy, hazy days of summer”


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This August 13, 2013 article found on the Delaware County, PA Daily Times website talks about the need for kids to have some downtime in the summer to just be kids without having their lives so packed full of stuff that they become exhausted.




“Study: Poor Sleep Results in Problems for Kids”

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This July 21, 2013 article found on the Business 2 Community website talks about poor sleep and its effect on kids citing a recent study involving preschoolers.


“Helping Children Make Sense of the Senseless”

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This April 16, 2013 article found on the Philly.com website talks about ways to help kids come to terms with tragedies like the one at the Boston Marathon

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