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  With Christmas arriving in a couple days, I find myself thinking about the idea that there are people who don’t have family they gather with for the holidays.  I recently met someone who when asked if there was anything they wanted for Christmas, responded with, ‘I’m just happy to have a family to celebrate Christmas with’  This is something that is difficult for me to understand, because even though my family has been less then ideal in many ways, we all manage to put our diferences aside and we gather together to celebrate Christmas and other holidays.  Having heard that the person I mentioned before had spent Christmas alone for the past seven years or so, made me realize that I have something that many others don’t have at holiday times.  In a way I feel bad, because I never really thought about people not having anyone to spend Christmas with, and had more or less taken for granted that everyone had someone to share the holidays with.

  I know it’s late now in regards to being able to do much in the way of reaching out to those who will be alone for Christmas, but maybe I can reach out to at least a ew people next year and maybe make their Christmas a little less lonely.

  I think that people being alone for the holidays might explain in part why so many people get depressed or struggle more with mental health issues.  I know there are other reasons that contribute, but I think lonliness is a big factor, since it seems to feed depression.

  I think that if each of us took a look at the people around us, we could all find someone who will be alone for the holidays, so if you could even call them, take some leftovers from your Christmas dinner to them, or even just stop and wish them a happy holiday and ask if there is anything they need, it jst might make a difference in someone’s life this holiday season and many more to come.

Merry Christmas!


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