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“People in Unhappy Places are Depressed More Than a Week a Month”

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This December 5, 2014 Gant Daily article talks about the ways that where people live can impact their risk of experiencing Depression.

“More Americans Show Signs of Depression”

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This November 2014 Managed Care article talks about research that seems to show an increase in the number of people experiencing symptoms of Depression in the United States.

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This image was selected as a picture of the week on the Malay Wikipedia for the 1st week, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Team “Run Over Depression” to Have Three Members Participating in Distance Runs this Sunday, May 18th”

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This May 15, 2014 PA Homepage article talks about a team called “RunOverDepression”  that is running to raise awareness about mental illness.  They will be running this Sunday in a Run for Red marathon.

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U.S. Library of Congress DIX, DOROTHEA LYNDE. Retouched photograph. date found on item. Location: Biographical File Reproduction Number: LC-USZ62-9797 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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“Irritability in depression may need to be treated differently”

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This October 13, 2013 article found on the Philly.com website talks about the possibility that those who identify as irritable or grouchy while depressed may actually need more intensive treatment then those who don’t show feeling these things.


“Bruce Springsteen’s Blues: The Boss Reveals Battles With Severe Depression”

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This July 23, 2012 article found on the Yahoo! Stop the presses website talks about the struggle Bruce Springsteen has had with depression.

Bruce Springsteen, Drammenshallen, Norway

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