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“All Kinds of Minds”

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This page on the TED talks website contains 9 videos about mental illness, and includes ideas about how music can help people, ECT, what it’s like to hear voices, and other related topics.

TED (conference)

TED (conference) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Brains get sick too: How neuroscience can teach children about mental health”

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This September 25, 2014 article on The Independent, talks about how something as simple as teaching kids about the brain could help them understand mental illness better and overtime work to reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

“Blood Test Spots Adult Depression: Study”

A depressed man sitting on a bench

A depressed man sitting on a bench (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This September 16, 2014 Health Day article found on the Philly.com website talks about a new test being studied to see if it can accurately detect if someone is depressed or at risk of becoming depressed.  The test involves a simple blood draw and then the sample is checked for specific markers.  The article indicates that the test results are promising and may offer another tool to help doctors and psychiatrists confirm a diagnosis of depression.

“Serious Childhood Burns Tied to Long-Term Mental Health Risks”

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This September 4, 2014 Health Day article found on the Philly.com website talks about an Australian study that found that people who were treated for severe burns ranging from 1 to 80 percent of their body as children were at greater risk of developing depression or becoming suicidal later on.  The study also found that the person who had been burnt typically didn’t attribute their depression or suicidal thoughts to the burns. They generally pointed  to an unrelated issue that occurred later in life.

English: Image for mental health stubs, uses t...

English: Image for mental health stubs, uses two psych images – psychiatry (medicine) and psychology (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“Talk Therapy Plus Meds May Be Best for Severe Depression”

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This August 21, 2014 Health Day article found on the Philly.com website talks about research showing for some types of depression, a combination of medication and talk therapy are showing to be the best practice, but it isn’t effective in all degrees of depression.  someone with chronic depression isn’t likely to benefit where someone with a non-chronic diagnosis might benefit.


Depression (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Good neighbors are good for your heart People who reported feeling more ‘social cohesion’ were less at risk for heart attacks”

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This August 22, 2014  WFMZ News segment actually has a bunch of smaller segments within it.  Some of the topics covered include ….

Information about how having a good neighbor can decrease your risk of a heart attack.

A segment offering insight into lesser known mental health risks due to giving birth, which can include PTSD and anxiety among other things that people typically don’t think of happening as the result of giving birth.

Cancer Screening shortfalls

and a segment on a study done involving 5th graders, violent video games and results that show a possible link between the kids who played for more than 2 hours per day and an increased risk of depression.  The researchers are saying further research is needed to better determine if the depression is caused by the gaming or if the gaming more than 2 hours per day could be in response to the depression and be viewed as a possible symptom of the depression.  The researches did say they really need to do more research to better understand the possible link between violent video games and depression so they can better understand the cause and effect between gaming and depression.

“Depression and kids: Why antidepressants shouldn’t be ruled out”

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This June 24, 2014 article on the Philly.com website talks about suicide in kids and teens and whether the risk outweighs the benefit when it comes to treating a child who is depressed with medication or not.

English: Kids at shore

English: Kids at shore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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