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“When Psychiatric Patients Need Medical Treatment”

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This February 8, 2015 Healthy Place article talks about the reality often faced by people with mental illnesses when they seek medical care.

“Keeping people out of hospitals makes system healthier”

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This November 5, 2014 The Morning Call article found on the InsuranceNews.net website talks about efforts being made with help from a grant to try to decrease the excessive use of the emergency department by a small percentage of patients.  The term used to describe this population according to the article is “Super-utilizer” because of how often they use services.  The goal of the program is to find ways to help this population prevent trips to the hospital by looking at things like social supports, housing and other things not traditionally looked at by the medical community when treating a patient. in short the focus is on prevention.

“Rural primary care physicians offer insight into rural women’s health care”

English: This photo describes a rural area

English: This photo describes a rural area (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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This February 5, 2014 Medical Press article talks about the differences between women accessing medical and mental health care in rural areas compared to access to medical professionals in urban areas.  Rural south central Pennsylvania is mentions in the article.




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“WATCHBLOG: Pennsylvania to get $2.7 million to help navigate the federal health care law”

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This August 16, 2013 article found on the Pennsylvania Independent Watchblog talks about funding made available to several agencies for helping folks navigate healthcare options starting on October 1, 2013.  Among the grant recipients in Pennsylvania were at least two mental health related organizations.

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