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“Arizona leading way on integrated mental health care”

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This May 26, 2014 article on the AZ Central website talks about an effort being made in Arizona to integrate the treatment of mental and physical health in Arizona making them one of the leaders in this field.

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“Poor ‘Health Literacy’ Keeps Patients From Taking Meds”

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This March 27, 2013 article found on the Philly.com website talks about the issue of people needing more education about their health to improve their physical and mental health when it comes to treating patients with Diabetes who commonly also are diagnosed with depression that needs to be treated over a long-term to improve their quality of life.


“Stressed Out: Health care system comes up short in responding to need for early treatment”

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This March 11, 2013 article found on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website talks about stress, not only the high level of it in America, but also the issue of it being largely ignored by the medical community unless it leads to something like a heart attack.


“Physical Ailments Take Toll on Mental Health: Study”


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This July 24, 2012 article on the USNews website talks a little about a study that seems to confirm the link between physical and mental health which seems to also in turn strengthen the need to treat a person as a whole person and not having them see one doctor for everything from the neck up and a different doctor for everything from the neck down which has been traditionally done.  If I have a headache, I can assure you my mood will likely suffer, also if I’m feeling depressed, my arthritis is more likely to be flaring at the same time.


“Integration of Physical and Behavioral Health”

Mental Health Month Poster

Mental Health Month Poster (Photo credit: Army Medicine)

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This June 20, 2012 piece found on Pat Deegan’s blog talks about her concerns about the need for a whole health approach for treating folks in the mental health community.  She raises points about not wanting it to be merely symptom control and management, but also to have preventive measures used to try to reduce the health risks faced by many.

“The High Cost of Medically Unexplained Symptoms”


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This July 23, 2012 article explains the connection between mental and physical health and raises the point that to treat just the physical symptoms can cause the real problem to be overlooked.  Mental health can and does effect our physical health, and this article does a great job at explaining that whole health connection.


“Mental Health Recovery is Holistic”

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This video uploaded by RecoveryTidbits on Jan 24, 2012  encourages whole health perspective and not just looking at either physical or mental health as separate issues, but rather looking at both physical and mental health as a single issue.

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