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“Restore funding for mental health programs”

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Montgomery County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Montgomery County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This letter to the editor dated 3/28/2012, and found on The Pottstown Mercury website discusses the views of one person that have been echoed many times over as responses to Corbett’s proposed budget  flood the internet.

“Corbett’s budget cuts jeopardize progress made with mental illness”

Occupy Harrisburg

Occupy Harrisburg (Photo credit: wearethe99%)

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This March 29, 2012 article found on PennLive.com outlines  the impact of Corbett’s proposed budget as seen by a representative of the MHA in the Capital Region.

“People who will be affected by Corbett’s cuts”

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This March 29, 2012 article found on Philly.com describes who the people are that will be effected by Corbett’s budget.  This article is about more than numbers and dollars it is about people.

“People prepared to fight to preserve their assistance, benefits”

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This article dated March 26, 2012 gives some insight into the very real potential impact on specific services in Franklin County while indicating there are people ready to take a stand to fight for their right to mental health services.

“Disabilities advocates file lawsuit”

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This article dated March 15, 2010 and found on the Philly.com website, talks about a lawsuit recently filed by disability advocates in response to the block grants and 20% funding cut to mental health and intellectual disability services.

“$1.3 Million Cut in State Funding to Franklin County Human Services Much Deeper than Expected”

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Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Franklin County

Image via Wikipedia

This article found on the PennLive.com website dated February 17, 2012 talks about the impact of the proposed budget on Franklin County, PA whose Commissioners have approached Fulton County Commissioners and proposed to joinder with them, but before a joinder can be formed, Fulton County must also agree to it.

“Proposed state funding cuts could cripple Dauphin County mental health programs, commissioners say “

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Dauphin County

Image via Wikipedia

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This article dated Feb. 15, 2012 found on the pennlive.com website talks about fears expressed by the Dauphin county Commissioners about the proposed budget cuts to mental health services

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