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“Asylum for the severely mentally ill”

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Asylum for the severely mentally ill.

This undated audio segment found on the WHYY – Voices In The Family, talks about the issues surrounding the treatment of people with mental illnesses describing how state hospitals have been run in the past, the closure of many of them, and the result of poor funding of community based services which has resulted in an influx of people with mental illnesses ending up in jails and prisons where they are often heavily medicated or placed in solitary confinement for long periods of time.   There is a link within the description of the segment pointing to an article on the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) “Improving Long-term Psychiatric Care Bring Back the Asylum” is a freely accessible publication and is the article that the interview in this segment is based on.

“Northampton County to offer mental health court”

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This November 20, 2014 article on The Morning Call website talks about Northampton County’s decision to start offering mental health court in their county to get non-violent offenders who have mental health issues the help they need as an alternative option to sending them to jail.

“Mental Health Court an alternative for non-violent offenders”

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This October 17, 2014 article on the Philadelphia Tribune website talks about the Mental health court in Philadelphia.  It is said to be the first of it’s kind, and it’s goal is to get help for non-violent offenders who have a mental health issue, in order to set the offender up for success as opposed to failure after they have served their sentence.

English: Seal of the city of ,

English: Seal of the city of , (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Meet Hamlet, Lancaster Co. Courthouse’s newest employee”

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This June 26, 2014 ABC27 article with video segment talks about the newest employee at the Lancaster County Courthouse a Service Dog name Hamlet trained to aid in decreasing the anxiety of those going through the court process with the primary role being to work in the Mental Health and Substance Abuse courts, but he will have other roles as well when he isn’t in court.

A service dog putting keys into his owner's hand.

A service dog putting keys into his owner’s hand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Butler County wants to set up mental health court”

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This February 1, 2014 article on the TribLive News website talks about an effort being made to pursue a grant to start a mental health court in Butler County.


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“Potter Co. Commissioners move ahead with specialty court”

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This July 3, 2013 article on the Potter Leader-Enterprise website talks about  recent developments in the move to start a specialty court for people with mental health and substance abuse issues in Potter county.

“Mental health court work under way”

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Blair County

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This article found in the Altoona Mirror dated August 4, 2011 talks about work being done to implement a Mental Health court in Blair County, PA

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