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This resource, ActiveMinds.org,  is one that is working to reduce stigma about mental illness and increase awareness of mental health issues through a variety of educational outreach efforts.

“Get mental-health check up”

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This October 9, 2014 Philly.com article talks about efforts being made in Philly to improve access to mental health services through screening and education.

“Riverside teacher includes mental illness in health curriculum”

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This October 5, 2013 article found on theTimes-Tribune.com website talks about a Scranton teacher who is including mental health as part of their health class curriculum


May is Mental Health Awareness Month

  May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I would like to post events being held to celebrate it from across Pennsylvania here on Pennsylvania Mental Health Issues.  If it is something that is open to the public, an event of any size big or small or anything in between.  I only ask is that the information you submit to be posted here include ….

  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Pre-registration is needed
  • An email, phone number, or website address where folks can get more information if this is available

If you would rather send me a write up of an event after it has happened that would be great as well, because what you or your group does this year might inspire another group to do something next year.

For writeups, please include …

  • Name of the person, group or organization that held the event
  • location
  • who was invited
  • what kind of turn out there was for the event
  • Special guests that spoke during the event, if any
  • If you are interested in networking with other groups to share ideas, contact information such as an email address, or business phone number or mailing address.
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