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“Pete Earley: Congress must monitor mental health care changes”

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This November 3, 2014 article on The Morning Call website, talks about the need for Congress to monitor changes in the mental health system to ensure that changes made are done in the way they were intended to be done.

“McKean County human services applying for block grant”

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This July 4, 2014 article on the Bradford Era website talks about where McKean County is at in applying for the human services block grant.

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting McKean County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting McKean County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Disability, mental health providers rally in Harrisburg for more funding”

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This June 17, 2014 WGAL 8 NBC News article talks about a rally held in Harrisburg by members of the disability and mental health communities of Pennsylvania in trying to prevent funding from being further cut in the coming Pennsylvania state budget.


WGAL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Cook County Sheriff Rips Mental Health Cuts: ‘We Have Criminalized Mental Illness In This Country’”

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This March 26, 2014 ThinkProgress article focuses on the issues of lacking mental health care in Cook County Illinois, and describes how that jail there has become one of the largest defacto mental health treatment facilities in the country, because of how funding for community based mental health care has been repeatedly cut and basically ravaged over the years.  PA Representative Tim Murphy’s proposed mental health reform bill was mentioned in the article as well.

“The Murphy Bill doesnt make people safer…It removes long standing protection against abuse”

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This December 16, 2013 blog post on the Hopeworks Community blog talks about the problems with Rep. Tim Murphy’s  bill – HB 3717, which is disguised as mental health reform.


“Welfare spending options: Counties get more leeway in how they use social service funds”

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This July 22, 2013 article found on The Tribune-Democrat website talks about continued concerns about the block grant program for social services programs.


“Erie County human services programs could see $2.7M cut”

Map of Erie County, Pa. with Colt's Station marked

Map of Erie County, Pa. with Colt’s Station marked (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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This March 23, 2013 article on the GoErie.com website talks about budget cuts and the effect that is expected to be seen in Erie county human service programs.




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