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“United States: Force Against Prisoners With Mental Illness”

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This May 12, 2015 article on the Human Rights Watch website talks about the abuse of power often used in handling mentally ill inmate that leads to injuries and even death because of what amounts to minor infractions of the rules or orders given to them.  One example in the article is about a woman who was not given her medication while she was incarcerated and at one point refused to change her jumpsuit and ended up being tasered multiple times within a matter of a few short minutes.

“Feds investigate treatment of mental health inmates at Cresson state prison”

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This May 31, 2013 article found on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website talks about a Federal investigation into the treatment of mentally ill inmates at Cresson prison, but based on the article the investigation will include a statewide investigation.


Inmates with mental health problems challenge court system – Timesonline.com: Police Fire Courts: mental health, john hinckley jr, prison,

Inmates with mental health problems challenge court system

This article was found in the Beaver County Times and discuses some of the issues faced by prisons with regards to folks with mental illnesses who are incarcerated.  The article was posted on April 2, 2011.  Some feel there is a connection between the increase in the number of mentally ill inmates and the closure of various state hospitals.

“Inmates with mental-health problems focus of conference”


This article found in the Lebenon Daily Post discusses a recent workshop where efforts were made to identify problems with regards to mentall ill inmates, and to brainstorm ideas on how this population can be better treated

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