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“Community Art Project Recycles Old Shoes to ‘Stomp Out’ Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness”

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This January 14, 2015 StateCollege.com article talks about a project involving recycled sneakers that came about after the artist lost a sister to suicide. The artist hopes to make these “Stompers” to work towards stomping out the stigma surrounding mental illness.

“Don’t ignore mental health stigma”


1212mentalhealth-RW (Photo credit: Robbie Wroblewski)

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This June 12, 2013 article on the Visalia Times-Delta website talks about the need to stop ignoring the mentally ill in hopes that we’ll go away or otherwise disappear.

“Stigma and Mental Illness”

Video Link This video was uploaded to YouTube on October 3, 2012 by IWKHealthCentre. ┬áThe video is a Canadian video, but I felt that the message was one that is universally necessary to be heard, not just in Canada, but in the United States and I assume many other places in the world as well. The example of a visit to the emergency room for a mental health crisis vs. going to the emergency room for a broken ankle is something I’ve experienced first hand here in Pennsylvania, in my case it wasn’t a broken bone, but rather sprained knees as a result of sports related injuries, but still there was a difference in how I was treated before and after my mental illness was disclosed.

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