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Warming Center at MHA

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This resource link takes you to a page about the Mental Health Association (MHA) Warming Center in Erie, PA.  They open their doors when temperatures become dangerously cold in the winter, and this site explains not only about the center, but how folks can help them help others.

“Erie shelters to ask churches to help with homeless”

Lake Erie 01/29/2005

Lake Erie 01/29/2005 (Photo credit: kuddlyteddybear2004)

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This October 18, 2012 article on the GoErie.com website talks about a request made to Erie churches to help give shelter during the winter for people who are homeless in and around Erie, PA.

MHA PA speaks out about Gov. Corbett’s proposed budget cuts

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Just because the dust has started to settle in the media with regards to Governor Corbett’s proposed 20% cut to MH/ID funding, doesn’t mean that there isn’t still reason for concern.  MHA-PA is encouraging folks to keep making themselves heard and keep raising questions and concerns about the proposed cuts by letting the Governor, and your state representatives know how you feel about the proposed cuts.  Keep in mind that people’s lives are at stake and that it isn’t just numbers on paper.


May is Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month, find out more about it by clicking here and visiting MHA’s information page about Mental Health Month 2012

Mental Health Awareness Ribbon

“Program teaches inmates one of hardest lessons”

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This article found on LancasterOnline.com dated February 10, 2012, talks about a program called “Hopes, Choices and Values” done by the Lancaster Mental Health America to help inmates.

“Glenn Koons Certified Peer Specialist Scholarship”

PMHCA and MHA have teamed up to creat a scholarship fund for Certified Peer Specialist training, in honor of Glenn Koons.   For more information, please visit … http://www.pmhca.org/about/KoonsScholarship.html

“Thank Governor Corbett for Commitment to Behavioral Health Services”


This is a link to an article posted by MHA of Pennsylvania asking folks to thank Governor Corbet for funding the mental health system in Pennsylvania.

Update: Traveling Suitcase Exhibit (and some personal thoughts)

On Wednesday, September 22, Dr. Yanni was scheduled to speak at 7pm, but there has been a time change and Dr. Yanni will now be speaking at 5pm at the same location.

If you were planning on going to Dr. Yanni’s lecture during the exhibit, plese note that Dr. Yanni is speaking at 5pm on Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If there are any other changes I will do my best to get them posted on here as I learn of them. 

Complete information about the traveling Willard Suitcase Exhibit can be found on the MHA of Alleghany County website ….. http://www.mhaac.net

On a side note, I have learned that it is possible to take pictures of the exhibit, so I will try and get some to share with folks who may not have been able to make it to see the exhibit.  I’ll be there during the last week of the exhibit my Mom and I are making it a little mini vacation for ourselves and will be spending a couple days in Pittsburgh playing tourist.  Small town blogger goes to the big city.  I can’t wait, only been to Pittsburgh a couple times in my life, the first time I was there I toured Three Rivers Stadium … I was a teenager and had gone with my church youth group, so that was the highlight of my first trip to Pittsburgh.  My second trip was to Bridgville just outside of Pittsburgh where I attended a School for the blind because I was having trouble with a Conversion Disorder in 2001 I was not far from Pittsburgh International Airport on 9/11 when I was at the school, and the last time I was in Pittsburgh was for the 2008 PMHCA conference that was held at the Raddison Green Tree.  So, for me, this will be my 4th time ever in Pittsburgh, and to be honest I’m REALLY looking forward to it.  For those wondering, Tippy, my Psychiatric Service Dog, will be traveling with us.  I had her with me when I attended the 2008 PMHCA conference, so this will actually be the second overnight trip I’ve taken with Tippy since she was placed with me, most of our trips are day trips to Erie and back at the furthest, so I need to be sure to get everything packed not only for myself, but fo Tippy …. she needs to have food, dishes, a toy, poop bags and her service dog gear, so in some ways it’s like packing to take a toddler when I go away overnight with her, but I don’t mind.

Sorry about the rambling, I know I don’t typically say much about my private life on here, but I thought it might be nice to share a little of myself in context with the exhibit and the trip I’m planning on taking to see the exhibit.  I plan on doing some blogging during my trip to share the exhibit and any thoughts I have about it once I’ve sen it.  any Pictures I take of the exhibit will be shared after I get home, because the memory card in my cell phone won’t work in my netbook, but I will do what I can to get some pics posted here within a day or so of getting back home.

A related post on this blog about the exhibit can be found at …. https://pamhi.wordpress.com/2010/09/03/suitcases-of-mental-patients-tell-history/

Details about rally March 16, 2010 in Harrisburg

I received the following information by email from MHA PA about a rally to be held in Harrisburg to protest the decrease in the state portion on SSI ….

Recently, we wrote you about a pressing issue facing hundreds of thousands our state’s most vulnerable citizens. We feared the worst and it happened:  The state cut the State Supplemental Payments (SSP) for more than 345,000 low-income elderly, disabled and blind adults and children across Pennsylvania by $5.30/month (down 19%) and by $10.40/month for a couple (down 24%).

For many, this reduction literally may mean the difference between life and death: missed meals, medical co-pays that cannot be met, or Paratransit rides that cannot be taken.

The state has acted and now we need you to! Voice your opposition to these cuts. Contact your elected officials today and let them know you are against these cuts, you want them restored, and you vote!

And make your opposition known in person at a rally on March 16th. Join the Mental Health Association in Pennsylvania (MHAPA) and 50 other advocacy organizations to protest against cuts to SSP.  Show your support for our fellow citizens who need us to stand up for them.

Rally to protest cuts to the SSP

When:              March 16th, 2010 at 1pm

Where:             Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg

Who:                MHAPA and 50 other advocacy organizations           

For more info on SSP cuts and the other groups in our coalition, click here or here.



MHA PA: Act Now! – “Stop the Cuts to Pennsylvania’s Most Vulnerable Citizens!”


This link will take you to the MHA-PA website, specifically a page where they are encouraging folks to contact their PA Legislatures and let them know what kind of impact their decision to impliment a ‘cost of living decrease’ to folks on SSI in Pennsylvania.

MHA is also holding a rally to protest this decrease, details will be in a seperate post so they are easier to locate.

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