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“House passes new mental health screening for recruits”

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This May 22, 2014 Stars and Stripes article talks about a plan that has made it through the House that would increase the screening of recruits for mental health issues.  The article indicates that there is a possibility that with the new screen process, there are some who would not be allowed to serve in the military due to mental health issues.

A Little Bit Louder Now

A Little Bit Louder Now (Photo credit: United States Marine Corps Official Page)

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“‘We Must Do Better Job of Assessing the Mental Well Being of Service Members'”

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This May 7, 2014 Insurance Net article talks about not only the need for the military to improve the mental health screening of military personal, but also describes some of what is being done in this area.  there is also a video linked


SALUTE TO OUR MILITARY PARADE, Fairbanks, Alaska (Photo credit: Fort Wainwright Public Affairs Office)

within the article of the discussion during a DOD meeting.

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