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“Penn Foundation to offer mental health first aid training”

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This November 16, 2014 Montgomery Media article talks about Mental Health First Aid training being offered by the Penn Foundation will be held

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Wednesday, Nov. 19

in Penn Foundation’s Univest Community Room

in the Loux Healthcare Center at 807 Lawn Ave. in West Rockhill.

Please see the article if you want more detailed information.

“Montgomery County Community College program introduces mental health recovery community to college life”


MCCC II (Photo credit: Montgomery County Planning Commission)

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This July 29, 2014 article on The times Herald website talks about a program starting in Montgomery County, PA geared towards helping people with mental health issues with their recovery by offering them an opportunity to learn and build the skills they would need to attend college classes.  They do have some requirements for participating in the program, but honestly I think it looks like it has a LOT of potential to help folks with mental health issues to be empowered and have a better chance at being able to reach beyond what can be a huge obstacle for someone who wants to further their education.

“State Grant Will Help Lansdale Project”

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This undated article on the WNPV website was found on May 5, 2014 and talks about a state grant to help with the Lansdale Project in Montgomery County.  The project when completed with will provide housing for senior citizens who have a behavioral health diagnosis.


Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Montgomery County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Montgomery County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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“Montgomery County Emergency Services joins national suicide hot line”

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This August 10, 2-13 article on the Times Herald website talks about Montgomery County’s Emergency Services joining the National Suicide Hotline.  They will still be available through their direct number which is listed in the article.


“NAMI presents check to MCCC”


The September 3, 2010 edition of “The Reporter” ran an article indicating that NAMI of Montgomery County is supporting a program called “POWER” which offers support to folks with mental illnesses who are trying to achieve an academic goal.

The article explains things better then what I feel I have, so be sure to check out the article to get a better understanding of what “POWER” is and does.

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