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“Andreatta: Digger of 1,500 graves gets his due”

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This May 15, 2015 article on the Democrat & Chronicle site talks about a memorial service to be held to honor Lawrence Mocha who had dug 1500 graves by hand during his time as a patient at Willard State Hospital where he eventually died and was also buried.  I feel like this is a victory of sorts that gives some dignity back to people with mental illnesses who have lived and died in state hospitals.  Every human deserves to be buried with dignity and be recognize as more than a number, which is what will be happening for Lawrence Mocha.  Hats off to all who worked to give Lawrence a bit of dignity back to him.

“No Longer Anonymous: Gravedigger Gets His Due at a Psychiatric Hospital”

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This December 22, 2014 New York Times article talks about the ongoing passionate debate over whether or not a patient who died at the now closed Willard State Hospital in New York state that had served as the gravedigger for the hospital  and hand dug over 1,500 graves for fellow patients who also died there.  A group has wanted to place a plaque to honor Mr. Mocha for his work and give him at least a little more dignity and respect than what they felt a plaque with a number on it offered.  The state of New York finally allowed the new plaque honoring him to be placed after a living relative was found and allowed to read over the news articles about their deceased relative.  The article indicates that this doesn’t mean that there has been a change in policy, and says that to do more, for those buried with numbers for grave markers, a change in law would be needed.  The article details the issue more than I have here, but I feel that this is a small yet significant victory for the group who wanted to honor Mr. Mocha for his work as an unpaid gravedigger for Willard State Hospital.

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“Mayor: $130M to revamp NYC jails for mentally ill”

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This December 1, 2014 article on GoErie.com talks about changes that the Mayor of New York City is hoping to make with regards to how people with mental health issues are worked with as opposed to the current method of placing them in Riker’s Island the Mayor wants to try to treat the issues before the person ends up in the judicial system.

“PA congressman draws NY mental health protesters”

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This November 18, 2014, WHTM ABC News 27 segment, talks about protesters in Albany , NY protesting PA Rep. Tim Murphy’s mental health reform bill, citing that it would decrease funding to community based treatment while increasing funding to involuntary treatment as well as decreasing the privacy rights of people in treatment for mental illnesses.


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“After Months Of Homelessness, A Teen Leaves The Woods Behind”

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This May 24, 2014  NPR article talks about a family who lived in the woods of rural New York  until the community got together to help them get back on their feet.

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“Listening Is Latest Weapon In Fight Against Stigma”

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This January 31, 2014 article from the American Psychiatric Association found on their Psychiatric News website talks about an effort being made in New York city called the “I Will Listen” campaign which is attempting to decrease the stigma of mental illness.

American Psychiatric Association

American Psychiatric Association (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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“Suitcases of mental patients tell history”


This article was in the September 1, 2010 edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The article describes the work that went into the Suitcase Exhibit and offers background information into the finding of the suitcases, and the research that went into learning about the history of the folks who had brought the suitcases to the now closed Willard State Hospital in New York state.

I am planning on seeing the traveling exhibit in Pittsburgh later this month, and am hoping to be able to share my experience with viewing the exhibit on here.  I don’t know if I will be allowed to take pictures or not, so I won’t promise any pics, but I will most likely be writing about my thoughts and feelings pertaining to what I see at the exhibit.

Information about the dates and location of the traveling exhibit can be found on The Alleghany County Mental Health Association website at … http://www.mhaac.net/

a related post can be found at … https://pamhi.wordpress.com/2010/09/07/update-traveling-suitcase-exhibit-and-some-personal-thoughts/

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