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“Top rookie with anxiety issue joins Rockets’ camp”


Basketball (Photo credit: mvongrue)

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This October 8, 2012 article on the Cumberland Sentinel website talks about Rookie basketball player Royce White and how he’s trying to manage his anxiety and the travel demands of playing basketball for the Rockets.

“Along for the ride”


This link will take you to a story by someone who’s spouse has OCD and the journey taken leading up to getting a diagnosis and a better understanding of what was happening with her husband.

OCD is something I have a very basic understanding of which I don’t feel is enough to really do justice to the subject.  Reading this particular piece gave me a little better understanding of OCD and I thought others might benefit as well.

“Can antidepressants ease symptoms of OCD?”

  This short article discusses a study done to determine if anti-depressants had any effect on folks with OCD.  I’m not posting this as a substitute for professional advise, just as an item that might be of interest to some folks.

Article published Mar 24, 2008

Can antidepressants ease symptoms of OCD? 

  • This study: Researchers analyzed data from 17 studies, involving 3,097 adults with OCD who had been randomly assigned to take an antidepressant (citalopram, fluoxetine, fluvoxamine, paroxetine or sertraline — all selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, SSRIs) or a placebo daily.
  • Results: After six to 13 weeks, people taking an SSRI were nearly twice as likely as the others to have responded to treatment, based on a reduction of symptoms by at least 25 percent, with essentially no differences among the drugs. Those taking antidepressants reported more instances of nausea, headache and insomnia than the others.
  • Who may be affected? People with OCD, an anxiety disorder characterized by repeated, upsetting thoughts (obsessions) and repetitive actions (compulsions) intended to make those thoughts go away.
  • Caveats: Whether SSRIs would be an effective and tolerable long-term solution was not tested, nor was whether the effect varied by dose.

Find this study: The study appears in 2008, Issue 1 of “The Cochrane Library.”
— Washington Post
@ You can learn more about OCD at www.nimh.nih.gov/health and www.ocfoundation.org.

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