“Scentless: Losing Your Sense Of Smell May Make Life Riskier”

Child nose

Child nose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This August 28, 2014 NPR: Shots article talks about the dangers of losing one’s sense of smell.  I honestly had never really thought about this until I spotted this article and while it isn’t a mental health specific article, it doesn’t take much for me to assume that a fire in the kitchen that wasn’t noticed until it got out of control because the person cooking couldn’t smell the smoke could also have an impact on their mental health depending on how great the loss was from the fire.  Also the possibility of unknowingly eating spoiled food and getting sick as a result is something that I imagine could impact a person’s mental health.  So indirectly the subject of this article could have some form of mental health impact depending on what the result of the person missed an important odor was.