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“ADHD and Spring Cleaning: 10 Survival Tips”

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This May 7, 2008 Health Central article talks a little about tips for folks who have ADHD and are considering doing some spring cleaning offering things to consider about how to approach it and things to ask yourself as you consider the task.

English: Spring Cleaning on the River Teviot T...

English: Spring Cleaning on the River Teviot This Vacuum Cleaner must have been washed up after the Snow melt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Home Economics: Attacking the clutter”

English: A keyboard with clutter on it to illu...

English: A keyboard with clutter on it to illustrate the term clutter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This June 15, 2012 article on the Philly.com website talks about a possible link between depression and clutter, while also explaining a little about how people end up with too much stuff encouraging folks that “less is more”

“Organizing for Dummies”

This is a book I recently got called “Organizing for Dummies“, a topic I … well let’s just say epic fail comes to mind when I think about my organizational skills. I haven’t read the entire book yet, but what I have read has made sense to me, more so then anything anyone else ever tried to explain to me about organizing my home or for that matter my life in general. I pretty much feel like I have symptoms of being organized, but nothing that you can readily see and say ‘yes she’s an organized person.’ So while I know that posting this here is a bit of a long shot when it comes to the theme of this blog, I also know that the little things I’ve started to do to work on getting better organized have made me feel good not only about the project, but also about myself. My hope is that this book might help me expand or build on those symptoms of organization I have and mabe allow me to feel less stressed and more at ease with my surroundings. So while no this isn’t a mental health specific topic, it could be said that the topic is one that effects mental health.

“Organizing for Dummies”

I’m working on the first section talking about tools needed to organize and to be honest, the ideas that have been mentioned so far are pretty down to earth one suggestion is to use square or rectangle shaped containers to organize items with as opposed to round containers. I hadn’t thought about this so it was a bit of an eye opener for me when I followed a suggestion they offered to aid in understanding the square vs. round situation. I took 4 soup cans and stood them in a sqare shape, but when I did this, I was looking at useable space that was also functional. What I realized is that with circular shaped objects, it doesn’t matter how close you try to place them to each other, you will have wasted space even offsetting the rows I still saw wasted space. So I decided to look at my containers I use for storage and be aware of their shapes and sizes as I begin working through this book and applying things I learn from it to life beyond the pages of the book.

So, if you are looking for ways to get better organized, and want something down to earth and not something that requires the skills of Martha Stewart to put together, this book might be worth checking into.

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