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“Some moves made while county waits on state budget”

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Beaver County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Beaver County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This May 31, 2012 article found on the TimesOnline website talks about efforts being made in Beaver County to try to lessen the impact on the people who receive services at a place called Friendship Ridge

“GUEST COLUMN: Corbett’s human services cuts unconscionable”

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Delaware County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Delaware County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This article dated May 29, 2012 on the Delaware County Daily Times website talks about what the effect will be if Corbett’s budget cuts go through.  This article echos concerns I’ve being hearing other places indicating that if human services loses 20% of its budget the result could be more expensive than the savings the supports of the cuts claim would occur.  People who lose community based services will end up seeking out services in other place which could be emergency rooms or other inpatient treatment, other possible outcomes could include an increase in homelessness, and an increase in the number of mentally ill inmates in the corrections system.

“Possible cuts to human services programs worry Erie County clients, providers”

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This March 29, 2012 article on GoErie.com talks about the concerns of not only mental health providers, but also of the clients in Erie County, PA

“People who will be affected by Corbett’s cuts”

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This March 29, 2012 article found on Philly.com describes who the people are that will be effected by Corbett’s budget.  This article is about more than numbers and dollars it is about people.

PMHCA Advocacy page – re. Proposed Budget Cuts


This call for action also gives an overview of what Governor Corbett’s proposed budget would mean to mental health providers and consumers.

“No funds for Tourette syndrome group in proposed Pennsylvania budget “

Tourettes pilgrimage

Tourettes pilgrimage (Photo credit: Anchorage)

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This article found on PublicOpinionOnline.com posted circa Feb 23, 2012 Talks about a program that supports folks with Tourette syndrome, that will most likely have to shut down if they get the $0  funding proposed in Governor Corbett’s budget.

“Joinder to lose $1.3 million in state budget plan”

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Lycoming County

Image via Wikipedia

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This piece found on the SunGazette.com website dated February 16, 2012, discusses the impact of the proposed budget on both Lycoming County and Clinton County services.

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