“Green Pills, Red Pills, Pink Pills and Even a Baby Blue Pill”

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This video found posted on YouTube by Recoverytidbits is a nice intro to peer specialists.

“Tiny beauty shop offers clients new look and new outlook”

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This article found on NewsWorks, dated April 18, 2012, talks about a very small beauty shop that works to help folks with mental illnesses, or intellectual disabilities to improve how they look and even how they feel about how they look.  the shop is owned by someone who is a peer specialist who also has training in hair and hygiene.

“Peers guided toward better mental health”

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This article appearing in the Centre Daily Times on December 17, 2011, talks about the role of Peer Support Specialists also sometimes called Peer Specialists.  I feel it gives a good overview of what a Peer Specialist does and how their role benefits others they come in contact with.