“Five Irritating Misconceptions About Living With a Mental Illness!”


1212mentalhealth-RW (Photo credit: Robbie Wroblewski)

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This article found on the Healthy Place website talks about 5 irritating misconceptions faced by many with a mental illness and it’s not our misconception, it’s one of the many we have to contend with others trying to put on us.

“Is Your Red The Same as My Red?”

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This YouTube video, published on Feb 17, 2013 by Vsauce discusses the question of perception of not only colors, but tastes and other experiences.  I found it intriguing, because for me I’ve always felt like I saw the world very different from how others saw or experienced it, but to try to explain why my view of the world is different or what makes it different is something I’ve often gotten frustrated over, because I never felt there were words I could use to explain those differences.  As I watched this video though, I was reminded of my life-long struggle to try to see the world like others did, and this video shed some new light on that for me.  In the video the presenter talks about apes who use sign language, but then points out that no ape has ever asked a question in sign language.  Could it be that I just haven’t found the question I need to define the difference I perceive? It’s hard to say for sure, but this video definitely was a bit of food for though and the concepts discussed could be applied to things like mentally ill vs. non-mentally ill perspectives of the world.