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“Allow memorial plaque for Willard state hospital grave-digger Lawrence Mocha!”

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This Petition was started by people who want to see a man who spent a huge portion of his life digging grave for patients who died at Willard State Hospital.  Lawrence Mocha never received pay for any of the graves he dug.  The folks who started the petition want to place a plaque at the Willard State Hospital cemetery to honor the life of Lawrence for his service to the state hospital.  so far , the state of New York has refused to allow this citing “confidentiality” despite the fact that information the people want to include on the plaque came from public sources such as the census and social security records.  The folks have been struggling to get this plaque placed for sometime now and are asking that anyone who supports the idea of not only Lawrence Mocha being offered the dignity of being recognized as having value, but also the recognition of the many many others who are buried in nameless grave in state hospital cemeteries not just at Willard State Hospital but elsewhere as well.

The book titled “The Lives They Left Behind” includes the story about Lawrence Mocha’s work as a grave digger for Willard State Hospital, and also has stories about the lives of other patients who were at Willard State Hospital as well.  Th book is well worth the time it takes to read it, and reads fast.

“Diary of a Wimpy Nation”

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This July 18, 2013 article found on the HUFF Post Lifestyle page talks about the effect of stress, and the dangers of ignoring stress which is something that is all to common of a practice in our country.  Stress is often ignored or denied until it builds and reaches some sort of breaking point where the person

Wimpy (restaurant)

Wimpy (restaurant) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ends up with serious medical or mental health issues because of ignoring stress.  This article includes a link to a petition that is pushing to get stress testing added  as a preventive medicine that is covered by insurance and available to everyone.

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