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“Philadelphia succeeds without ‘asylums'”

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This April 21, 2015 article on the Philly.com website talks about the ways that Philly is succeeding when it comes to caring for and treating people with mental health issues.

“Being the First Person on the Scene of a Mental Health Crisis”

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This April 21, 2015 article on the Drexel Now website talks about training being offered to staff at Drexel University based on the International Mental Health First-aid program to help staff find and refer students who are experiencing a mental health crisis to the proper resources to meet their needs.

“Why does Pennsylvania make it so hard to vote? PennLive editorial”

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This January 2, 2015 PennLive article talks about the ways that Pennsylvania makes it more challenging for citizens to vote as compared to other states who not only simplify the process, but manage to secure the integrity of the vote at the same time without creating unneeded hardship on voters.

Map of the 67 counties of the Commonwealth of ...

Map of the 67 counties of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Trauma courses train teachers, other staff on behavioral health issues”

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This December 2014 article on The Notebook website, talks about training that educators in Philadelphia on Mental Health First Aid and trauma training.

“Radically different approach to hearing voices aims to empower those affected”

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This October 24, 2014 NewsWorks article talks about an approach to treating people who hear voices that goes against the traditional thinking of not discussing the voices with the person.  The program is being used in Philadelphia.

“Clinic in Philly supermarket offers first in-store mental health screening in U.S.”


Grocery Store Green Bell Peppers

Grocery Store Green Bell Peppers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Article LinkThis July 31, 2014 Philly NewsWorks article talks about the first mental health screening clinic in the United States to be placed in a Philadelphia grocery store.

“New outpatient mental health office to host open house”

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This July 30, 2014, Chestnut Hill Local article talks about a new outpatient mental health clinic that is opening in Chestnut Hill

Locals and Tourists #31 (GTWA #28): Philadelphia

Locals and Tourists #31 (GTWA #28): Philadelphia (Photo credit: Eric Fischer)


“Police taught to spot signs of psychiatric crisis”


Philadelphia Sunset

Philadelphia Sunset (Photo credit: PMillera4)

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This April 10, 2014 The Mercury News article talks about training officers in Philadelphia are receiving to aid them in identifying someone who is experiencing a mental health crisis.

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“Counting Philly’s homeless and the problems that keep them on the streets [photos]”

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This January 30, 2014 NewsWorks article talks about attempts to count the homeless population not only in Philadelphia, but across the entire country


Philadelphia (Photo credits: http://www.roadtrafficsigns.com)

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“Judge Strikes Down Photo ID Requirement For Pennsylvania Voters”

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This January 17, 2014 CBS Philly article talks about the judge’s ruling to strike down the voter id requirement in Pennsylvania.


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