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“Volunteering not only helps others, but studies show it’s good for you as well”

English: Windsor, Colorado, May 24, 2008 -- Re...

English: Windsor, Colorado, May 24, 2008 — Red Cross Disaster Relief truck helps feed Volunteers; old Windsor High Schools friends who took the day off to help clean up the Tornado damage. Photo: Michael Rieger/FEMA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This June 23, 2013 article on the Central PA, Patriot News powered PennLive website talks about the benefits of volunteering, not just the benefit to the people you are volunteering to help, but also the benefits to you as you volunteer.

“Organization Using New Idea To Help Homeless Become Self-Sufficient”

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This March 16, 2013 article on the CBS Philly website talks about a program modeled after a similar one in Seattle geared towards helping the homeless.  The program is said to cost less than a traditional shelter, and seems to offer a higher success rate as well.

“People of the week: Peter and Judy Warchal”

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This November 6, 2012 article on the readingeagle.com website talks about one couple who volunteers as Red Cross disaster mental health volunteers.


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