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“Judge Strikes Down Photo ID Requirement For Pennsylvania Voters”

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This January 17, 2014 CBS Philly article talks about the judge’s ruling to strike down the voter id requirement in Pennsylvania.


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“Judge Blocks State Voter ID Law”

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This August 16, 2013 article on the New York Times website talks about the blocking of the Voter ID law in Pennsylvania.

“Warring statisticians in voter ID trial”

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This July 25, 2013 article on the witf website talks about the questioning of statisticians by lawyers from both sides  of the Pennsylvania voter ID trial.


“Trial of Pennsylvania voter ID law enters second week”

SVG of Pennsylvania state seal

SVG of Pennsylvania state seal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This July 22, 2013 article on the WFMZ-TV website talks about the ongoing trial on Voter ID in Pennsylvania.

“Voter ID Not Required For May Primary”

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This February 15, 2013 blog post found on the PoliticsPA website talks about the agreement made by both sides of the voter id legal battle to place a hold on requiring ID in the May primary here in Pennsylvania.


Got ID?

SVG of Pennsylvania state seal

SVG of Pennsylvania state seal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a poll I created to see what you my readers think, it pertains to the recent voter id law in Pennsylvania and I’m interested to find out if my readers who are eligible to vote have valid voter id or not.  This is just a curiosity thing on my part, but after you vote you will be able to see the results of the poll.

“Pa. officials to unveil new voter-ID card”


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This July 19, 2012 article found on the Philly.com website indicates that a new id card may be coming to Pennsylvania that will be for voting purposes to enable those not able to acquire the right documents for a state issued non-driver photo id.


“Voter ID law: 9% of Pennsylvania voters don’t have state photo card, officials say”

Older version flag

Older version flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This July 5, 2012 article on Pennlive.com talks about the issue of not every qualified voter in Pennsylvania being in possession of proper photo ID to enable them to vote and have their vote count in the November election.

“PA Voter ID Law Would Keep 93-Year-Old Who Marched With Martin Luther King From Voting”

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This article that also contains a video is dated May 2, 2012 and found on the TPM Muckraker website.  The article discusses legal action being taken by the ACLU and other organizations to fight the voter ID law here in Pennsylvania.  The goal of the ACLU is to get the law overturned on the grounds that it is unconstitutional based on the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  They are hoping to go to trial in June based on a segment I watched on PCNtv.com that time frame was done to both give the defendants time to prepare their case, and also so that there is hopefully enough time to finish things up before the November election.

While I know this article is not specific to the mental health community, I do know that the voter id law is one that will have an impact on the mental health community.

I would urge you to try to get a photo id if you don’t have one if you plan on voting in November.  From what I understand it can take up to 3 to 4 months to get your birth certificate so now is the time to be getting it if you don’t have a photo ID with your picture, current address, and an expiration date.

I have never been supportive of the voter suppression act, but since it is in place, even though there are people preparing to battle against it in the courts, it’s wise to get your ID just incase the court decides the law isn’t unconstitutional.  It’s one of those ‘hoping for the best but preparing for the worst’ kind of scenarios.

Just a friendly reminder ….

Women's Party Flag (Suffragist Movement)

Women's Party Flag (Suffragist Movement) (Photo credit: Tony Fischer Photography)

Tomorrow is Tuesday, April 24, 2012 and for folks in Pennsylvania, it is the day of the primary election.  I was watching a movie called, “Iron Jawed Angels” and I think that Alice Paul made a lot of sense at one point when asked who she felt women should vote for if they got the vote.  Alice’s response was something to the effect of  ‘They can vote for whoever they want, I’m only interested in whether they have the right to vote not what they do with the vote once they have it’  I don’t recall the exact wording of that response, but that seems to be very close to what I recall so it’s not an exact quote, but rather a paraphrase.  There are still battles raging with regards to the ability to vote.  the new voter id bill is one such battle.  There are those who feel it’s “no big deal” to require photo ID to vote, while others point out that there are people who won’t be able to vote because of an inability to get an id because of cost or inability to get to the licensing center to get an id.   So, while I do have an id, I do know there are folks out there who don’t have one, and will be unable to have their vote count.  Fortunately in the primary this year they will probably be asking for id, but will be enforcing the id rules that have been in place prior to the voter id bill.  first time voters will need to show id, but anyone else will not be required.  there is speculation that there will be information handed out to voters explaining the new law to help prepare folks for the November election when the voter id law will be in full effect.

So, I’m asking that folks reading this get out and vote tomorrow, regardless of who you vote for, you will be able to say your voice counted.  I would also ask that if you know someone who may not have a photo id, that you talk to them and if they don’t have one, consider helping them through the process of getting one so they don’t lose the ability to vote.  This could be a shut-in, someone in a personal care home or nursing home, it could be someone you know who is low-income, could be the 18-year-old who doesn’t drive yet and hasn’t enrolled in college.  if you want to learn more about the voter id requirements, visit ….  http://www.votespa.com

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