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“Blocking the Paths to Suicide”

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This March 9, 2015 article found on the New York Times website talks about simple yet effective ways proven to prevent or reduce the risk of suicide.

“New suicide prevention program for the public being offered locally”

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This January 19, 2013 article on thedailyreview.com talks about a program for helping people have a better idea what to do if someone they know is suicidal it teaches basic skills in how to get someone to the help they need.  The article compares QPR to the well-known CPR in that it is a first step, and not meant to be a comprehensive approach.


“Conference speaker stresses that suicide can be prevented, and anyone can help”

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This November 13, 2012 article found on the readingeagle.com website, talks about how suicide is something that anyone can prevent and it starts with those closest to the person who is feeling that the only way out is suicide.

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