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“Disneyland Measles Outbreak Reminds Of An Important Point About Vaccination”

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This January 23, 2015 article on Forbes talks about the measles outbreak at Disneyland and the reminder it offers about the impact that not vaccinating can have by reminding us what happened before vaccinations and then talking about the shift in attitude towards vaccination that is causing problems.

“Funding healthy society helps cure health care”

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This August 23, 2010, article on SFGATE.com talks about on medical professional’s learning experiences as they discovered that some of the problems that they were diagnosing were ones that could be corrected by the patient simply being able to find work, or having enough food to eat.  In essence the professional realized and even points out that sometimes spending money to help people with basic needs can help to decrease medical costs.

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“Unhealthy lifestyles, increase in mental and behavioral health services remains priority”

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This November 15, 2013 article on theTimes-Tribune.com website talks about the physical health of many with mental health issues.




“Diary of a Wimpy Nation”

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This July 18, 2013 article found on the HUFF Post Lifestyle page talks about the effect of stress, and the dangers of ignoring stress which is something that is all to common of a practice in our country.  Stress is often ignored or denied until it builds and reaches some sort of breaking point where the person

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ends up with serious medical or mental health issues because of ignoring stress.  This article includes a link to a petition that is pushing to get stress testing added  as a preventive medicine that is covered by insurance and available to everyone.

“Stressed Out: Health care system comes up short in responding to need for early treatment”

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This March 11, 2013 article found on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website talks about stress, not only the high level of it in America, but also the issue of it being largely ignored by the medical community unless it leads to something like a heart attack.


“Integration of Physical and Behavioral Health”

Mental Health Month Poster

Mental Health Month Poster (Photo credit: Army Medicine)

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This June 20, 2012 piece found on Pat Deegan’s blog talks about her concerns about the need for a whole health approach for treating folks in the mental health community.  She raises points about not wanting it to be merely symptom control and management, but also to have preventive measures used to try to reduce the health risks faced by many.

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