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“Mentally ill inmates overwhelm PA jails”

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This April 11, 2017 segment of Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane talks about mental health services for those with mental illnesses who have been incarcerated in Pennsylvania.

“In this hour, Marty talks with FRED OSHER, director of health systems and services policy at the Council of State Governments Justice Center about Stepping Up and its objectives. JOHN WETZEL, Pennsylvania Secretary of Corrections, joins the discussion to address the potential impact of this plan on PA state prisons. BRUCE HERDMAN, chief medical director for the Philadelphia Department of Prisons, discusses the care needed for these inmates”[1]

“Pa. Department of Corrections names new mental health advocate for offenders”

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This May 21, 2015 article on The Patriot-News talks about the experience that Lynn Patrone brings with her as she takes on the role of mental health advocate ensuring that inmates get proper mental health care while they are incarcerated and upon release.

“United States: Force Against Prisoners With Mental Illness”

English: Human Rights Watch logo Русский: Лого...

English: Human Rights Watch logo Русский: Логотип Хьюман Райтс Вотч (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This May 12, 2015 article on the Human Rights Watch website talks about the abuse of power often used in handling mentally ill inmate that leads to injuries and even death because of what amounts to minor infractions of the rules or orders given to them.  One example in the article is about a woman who was not given her medication while she was incarcerated and at one point refused to change her jumpsuit and ended up being tasered multiple times within a matter of a few short minutes.

“Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Seeks to Refurbish Mental Health Care”

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This January 21, 2015 Correctional News  article talks about more of the details of the changes being made in the Pennsylvania correctional system about the ways that mentally ill inmates are treated while they are incarcerated in Pennsylvania.  The Department of Corrections will be working closely with the PA Disability Rights Network to make sure that the changes being made are positive changes.

“Christmas Behind Bars”

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This December 23, 2014, The Atlantic, article talks about how inmates at Maine State Prison celebrate Christmas despite rules that say they can’t give gifts.

“State prison system making changes to deal with mentally ill”

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This December 7, 2014 article found on the Philly.com website talks about changes that are being made in Pennsylvania with regards to how mentally ill inmates are treated in the prison system

English: Concertina razor wire at a prison

English: Concertina razor wire at a prison (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“Jails Are the Biggest Asylums in the Nation Says Rep. Patrick Kennedy at Health Forum”

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This November 18, 2014 OpEdNews.com article talks about the ever-increasing number of people with mental illnesses who are ending up in jails or prisons due in large part to the lack of available mental health services available to them in the community.  As a result, many with mental illnesses who are often convicted of non-violent crimes end up trapped in a revolving door going in and out of jails sometimes even begging to be kept in jail because they get better treatment in jails then they do in the community.  If those who are being released from jail that have a mental illness, are lucky they will be able to find some place to live other than the streets, but this is often not the case.

“Mental health issues create problems for African-Americans in city jails”

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This August 26, 2014 New Pittsburgh Courier article talks about studies showing that the number of African-Americans in jails and prisons with mental health issues exceeds the number of African-Americans in the community with mental health issues.

“New bunks to help prevent suicide in prison”


English: A view of one of the anti-suicide cel...

English: A view of one of the anti-suicide cells in maximum security of the Old Montana Prison (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This August 21, 2014 Lancaster Online article talks about how the Lancaster County Prison is attempting to decrease the number of inmate suicides by replacing the bunks in cells.  The old bunks had holes that created a place inmates could secure an item to the bunk for the purpose of hanging themselves.  The new bunks are snug to the wall and don’t have these holes which would make it nearly impossible for a prisoner to hang themselves using their bunk.  The new bunks will be installed in several phases.

“California prisons alter treatment of mentally ill”


English: Prison cell, Fort Leavenworth. Deutsc...

English: Prison cell, Fort Leavenworth. Deutsch: Gefängniszelle, Fort Leavenworth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This August 2, 2014 TribLive|USWorld article talks about dramatic changes that will be made system wide to the California correctional system on how people with mental illnesses who are in jails or prison are treated during the time they are incarcerated.  Some changes include a ban on the use of pepper spray in mental health detention areas of prisons without special authorization.  Other changes include allowing guards to enter the cell of a person with a mental illness, long enough to administer medication to them, but then leaving the cell without forcibly removing the person from their cell in the process

if at all possible.

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