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“44% Of U.S. Population Lives In An Area With Psychiatry Shortage”

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This August 16, 2015 OpenMinds article talks about the shortage of mental health professionals across the country and offers some stats that help put the shortage into perspective.

“Army’s mental health programs swamped, understaffed”


This article is dated February 7, 2011 and is found in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. It discusses issues of a shortage of Mental Health Professionals in the military and names several specific problems that are felt to have been the result at least in part of the shortages.  At the date the article was published, it indicated that it might be possible to shore-up some of the shortages by training Army nurses to aid with mental health issues in soldiers.  The problem is that this may take two years to carry out, and until then the shortage will continue unless another solution is found.

“The Practice Institute – New Resources for Mental Health Professionals”


This press release was found on pr.com, posted by The Practice Institute, LLC.  the date on it is May 21, 2011.

Unlike most of my posts, this particular article is targeted to professionals.  I thought it was something that could benefit a part of my readers, and since The Practice Institute is from my understanding based in Camp Hill, PA it is something that while not an issue per say, is something that pertains to mental health in Pennsylvania.  If the professionals are struggling I think it could effect the work they do with their clients, so even though it is a sort of indirect affect, it is something that I think could be beneficial.

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